Artist statement


I consider myself a performance artist, who integrates languages ​​of dance, plastic arts and multimedia.

My work is based on the exploration of particular results in the hybridization between these languages, in the framework of: travel, tours, trips, creation of changing and diverse cartographies, interaction with different cultures in their daily lives

I am interested in giving life to the techniques, generating enough work time to investigate beyond the obvious, and create unique pieces that may not be reproducible or converted into matter.

I choose as path, experience and perception especially in open spaces both urban and natural.

My referents and teachers are the plastic artist Mireya Baglietto, Atsushi Takenouchi, Tamalyn Dallal.

And inspires me to work Grapefruit artist's book written by Yoko Ono,
Last activity:  residency program to learn dance & choreography

ArtTheater dB KOBE, Kobe, Japan

from July 24th/Mon, 2017 to March 26th/Mon, 2018