María de los Ángeles Pais is an artist involved with the living arts, sensitive freethinker. She is
dedicated to the investigation of the Arts of the movement, she is visual artist, performer, dancer and
She was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1981.
She started approaching the belly dance in 1998, fascinated by the possibilities of the body in motion.
Learning this dance she intuits that the movement is something more than learning choreography and
seeks to expand and deepen its formation, entering the Terciario Rio Open Institute where itcompletes the Technique in Coordination of Groups.
At the same time she continues to investigate different techniques about the possibilities of the body,
through experiential anatomy and other knowledge about health. From that time on, she is concerned
with, on the one hand, the discovery of her own dance, taking off from the learned styles and freeing
her body from all stereotyped subjections, tensions and movements, and her interest transcends the
personal way - Dedicating herself to the collective way of dancing, so she begins as a teacher in order
to share this search through Improvisation in Dance, and psycho-corporeal techniques that point to
self-perception and to develop a vital, expanded and vigorous body.
Her work with women was the central axis in her profession and her personal contribution to the
feminist movement.
From 2003 to the present, she coordinates the "women in dance" workshop, Buenos Aires, Córdoba,
Oaxaca, México DF, Miami, Nantes, Paris, Punta del Diablo, some of the cities where it was
Other techniques of movement that have been important in his race are the Tango, Butoh, physical
In visual arts, Mireya Baglietto nubico art.
As a performer and dancer, she has created pieces such as "Migrant Beings". "Restored II".
Intervention in the forest. "If you want to rise, dance ..." I and II. "Fée pays de retz". Y
"Ocean Piece". Travel has been an essential link in his works.
He has participated presenting his pieces in international festivals like "Bellyfusions" in Paris, Butoh
Festival emerging in Santiago de Chile.
She is currently 8-month residency program to learn dance & choreography.  ArtTheater dB KOBE, Kobe, Japan.