2019 Night Walk Dance, Cordoba, Argentina

Night Walk Dance // A work in constant motion
Night Walk is a dance play in a participatory tour.
Dance and art of light installation in public space. 
Duration of tour: Approximately 40 min. Suitable for the whole family
Place: Arroyo de San Javier. Province of Cordoba. Argentina
We invite you to live the experience of visiting a known place and sharing another possible landscape.
The public space artistic actions, try new forms of collective perception allow us a work on the look, the perception and the image, by training the senses to "see" beyond the everyday, in the everyday.
* Do not take our environment for granted
 * Co-produce the narrative with the audience
* Co-create a sensitive experience
* For what performance lasts, we become a temporary migrant community.

Data sheet
Maria de los Ángeles Country
Amanda Rey
Corina Russo
Maria de los Angeles Country
Pamela Martinotti
PHOTOGRAPH: Rut Guzman / IG: @rut_guzman

Inspiration and concept.
In 1982 the concept of forest bathing was developed in Japan.
Research shows that walking, meditating, exercising and playing among trees has beneficial effects on physical and emotional health.
Even sitting in a tree-oriented chair has great benefits.
20 minutes spent looking towards a natural view decreases the hormones that cause stress by 13%.
In addition to other benefits such as:
· Promotes cardiovascular health, blood oxygenation, heart rate and blood pressure
· Reduces cortisone levels related to blood sugar and metabolism.
· Improves mood, self-esteem, reduces stress and depression, hostility and increases vitality.
· Reduces fatigue and attention deficit by improving; Understanding, focus and creativity.

Art a capacity that the world has to investigate and have a relationship with itself.
Art a capacity that the world has to investigate and relate to the environment.
It allows us to rehearse how it would be to “change”
The more we interact with the changes, the easier or more willing we are to change.
Not taking our environment for granted is essential, either to preserve the precious, to rewrite what is coming.